Commercial Fairy Light Kits


  • Commercial grade fairy lights
  • Low voltage (24v)
  • IP44 rated for outdoors
  • 2200k LED’s with 10cm spacing
  • Kit includes fairy lights, power supplies & extension leads


This commercial fairy light system is the best option on the market. The string lights are built with UV resistant rubber, made to last in the harsh outdoor environment. It is the perfect choice for commercial and residential projects, ideal for installing in trees and other external spaces. The lights come in 3m connectable lengths, speeding up the installation process and making maintenance a breeze.

The little LED’s attached to the strings are extremely tough and are lit in a warm 2200k temperature. They can be split with ease by using our 3 way and 5 way connectors which are all suitable for outdoor application.

The lighting system runs on a 24 volt Actec transformer which guarantees safety and will save you money with ver low running costs.

Additional information


25m, 50m, 75m, 100m, 125m, 150m, 175m, 200m, 225m, 250m, 300m


Rated Input Voltage: 240VAC
Rated Output Voltage: 24VDC (SELV)
LED Bulbs: 24VDC 2200K
Lamp Spacing: 10cm
Cable: UV resistant double insulated black rubber
Power Supply: Actec 24v IP67 transformer