Welcome to the number one provider of decorative LED lighting for the Inner West, Sydney. If you are interested in a festoon light rental, permanent installation or to buy festoon lights our expert team is your go to option for any project. We have an amazing line of products for both hire or sale and would love to brighten up you space with these magnificent light strings.

How are we different? 

✔️ Entire lighting range is commercial quality 24 volt LED
✔️ Run and managed by licenced electricians
✔️ Enjoy free of charge site inspections and quotes
✔️Highly reviewed on Google and Facebook
✔️ Professional workmanship on every job
✔️Most competitive pricing in the Inner West


Our LED festoon lights come with a guarantee to provide the absolute best atmosphere to your event set up. Giving light to an alluring ambiance they convert areas into impressive environments for all kinds of gatherings. Festoon Lighting Sydney has designed the fittings in a way that is one hundred percent safe with the 24 volt power supply and the quick connect, end to end daisy chain makes hanging up the lights a breeze for those customers who want to dry hire them. If you need our team to do the work for you we have managers who run every job with a ton of experience in events and are also qualified electrical tradesmen.





Fairy lights are the best choice if you want to create a jaw dropping starry night kind of  celebration. The FLS team has a giant range of delightful LED strings, perfect for weddings or parties. The fairy lights in particular are ideal for running in the garden and tree branches, hung up in marquee ceilings or put on our specially designed curtains which create mind blowing light walls. Every string is 3 meters in length with connectable ends which makes the product so user friendly it is not even funny! As usual, our highly competent team is available for any installation projects you have planned.


Our business has been built on a passion for creating unreal lighting installations and permanent jobs are our favourite! We love to illuminate residential and commercial spaces with our high quality LED festoon and fairy lights. The light fixtures will make your spot stand out and create a warm and inviting place for friends and customers to enjoy. You can be sure that this is the best service on the market using the most beautiful and durable fittings and all work is carried out by master electricians with an eye for perfection.

When looking for long lasting lights you need to be sure to get LED fittings that have been made to a commercial standard. All of Festoon Lighting Sydney’s products have been hand picked by an expert knowledge base to guarantee that they will not only look the best but also last a long time. We have an array of LED light strings to buy that all run on 24 volt and are made from tough rubber materials to outwit the bombardment of crazy weather conditions we get in the Inner West of Sydney.