If you are looking to add lighting to a space for an event or permanent installation reach out to today for the best festoon and fairy light service in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We cater to any range of projects whether it is a small backyard event or a huge scale installation.

Why Choose Festoon Lighting Sydney?

✔️ Our product range is of the  highest commercial quality
✔️ Qualified and experienced electrical tradesmen
✔️ We provide our clients with free site inspection & quotes 
✔️ 5 star reviews of both Facebook and Google
✔️ You will be guaranteed satisfaction 
✔️ Best prices in the Eastern Suburbs


Our festoon lighting rental service is the perfect way to produce that beautiful warm glow to your special gathering. They will turn any space into a magical one you and your guests can enjoy for the evening. The strings themselves are very user friendly, running on a safe 24v system with shatterproof LED light globes and a fantastic connector system so you can simply chain the lights end to end, up to 100 meters long! We have a huge supply of support poles, both bamboo or aluminum to suit your needs and also pendant drop globes if you want to create that kind of look. If you are looking to have the installation work carried out by our team we offer and great service that will be managed by our licensed electricians.


Fairy light rental is such a great way to bring that WOW factor to your space.  We have an awesome range of different fixtures to cater to our customers needs. Available in black or white cabling the LED lights are stunning warm colour with 2500k colour temperature, perfect for canopies, wrapping around trees or creating a fairy light wall with our curtain option. We have both standard light strings and also icicle choices available. They are also equipped with the end to end connector system which makes installation a breeze. Our experienced installation team is ready to serve if you require it.


Enquire today about our massive range of decorative LED lights. When making an order with Festoon Lighting Sydney you can be sure that you are receiving the best quality lights on the market. The entire catalogue operates on the SELV (safety extra low voltage) 24 volt system which is appropriate for outdoor areas such as rooftops, beer gardens and trees.


Festoon and fairy lights add so much value to a location and having them permanently installed by our team is the way to go. Lots of light fittings on the market are not suitable for the harshness of an outdoor or commercial setting and will break down very quickly. Festoon Lighting Sydney has curated its line with only the best products made from the toughest materials. Our licenced electricians will complete all work safely, to the electrical standards and in an extremely neat and tidy manner.