Welcome to Festoon Lighting Sydney. We are a business that provides decorative lighting hire and installation solutions. This company is built on the creative and professional approach taken towards illuminating spaces providing you with best outcomes. Our team is available for any projects within Dover Heights, Eastern Suburbs regarding event hire as well as permanent installation of festoon lighting.

For people looking to hire festoon lighting for a party, wedding or other type of event, our four day hire gives you an awesome opportunity to fill that gap in your life. You can choose from two options, the first is a full hire where our team will come and install the lights for you and then return to pack everything up. If you are feeling adventurous and want to do it yourself, simply come grab the lights from us and away you go.

If you want any festoon or decorative lighting feature installed in your home or business permanently, we can help you out. Work with our qualified and experienced electricians to complete your install.


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