White VS Black Festoon Lights, How to Choose?

If you’ve just realized that festoon lights are the missing ingredient in your décor scheme and they can work wonders for your space, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect lights already. But here’s where it gets tricky. With such a wide variety of options on the market, it can be difficult to decide what works best for your setting. 

After they’ve made up their mind about style, cable length, voltage and light bulb type, most buyers stumble upon a classic dilemma: the colour of the cable. Yes, something as simple as choosing the cable colour can become a problem. So, let’s see how you can overcome the white vs black festoon lights challenge and select the best option for you. 

White Festoon Lights

White festoon lights are not as common as black festoon lights, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less stunning, regardless of the design you want to create. In fact, you don’t see white festoon lights as often because they’re used mostly on special occasions. 

If you’re planning a glamorous event, a wedding or a luxurious party, white festoon lights are probably the better choice, as they give off a clean and fresh vibe that will elevate the look of the venue and add a touch of elegance to the whole setting. Imagine having a canopy of white string lights above your head at a party. That image alone is enough to take any event to the next level. 

Black Festoon Lights

Black festoon lights are the classic option. When in doubt, most people choose black when buying festoon lights. That’s because black festoon lights blend well in any setting. Whether you want to light up your garden, give your porch a little creative oomph or decorate a commercial space, black festoon lights are a great choice. 

They’ll look amazing wrapped around trees, as the black cable will hardly be noticeable against the trunk, hidden by leaves and vegetation. That will make the lights stand out even more and give off a Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe.  

Another great thing about opting for black cables, is that if you decide to use multi-coloured light bulbs, they’ll look much better on this colour. Although white is a neutral as well, the visual impact won’t be the same and that might end up ruining the effect you were looking to create. Better play it safe and rely on the traditional black cable to put your lighting ideas into practice. 

Keep in mind that the aspects we’ve mentioned previously are merely guidelines, not rules for buying festoon lights. In the end, choosing the colour of your festoon lights is a matter of preference and personal taste, so you should trust your instinct and let your creativity guide your way. 

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