Buy festoon lights with FLS

We now offer the sale of festoon lighting to our visitors. Apply to your business or backyard to create a space where every night feels amazing. A number of styles are available, please contact us at or call up on 0424 082 230

Our festoon lighting can be fully customised to fit into your grand plan! Any length of festoon is available and can be made up to the meter. We can also join an extension lead cable to run off the power supply to make things easier when powering up the lights.

Crafted from the toughest materials FLS fixtures are built to last. The lights run on a 24 volt system which makes them superior to the common 240 volt style. Three of the main advantages are:
Safety aspects - The 24 volt system ensures 100% safety from electrocution and wet weather situations.
Minimum heat contribution - Unlike 240 volt lights our SELV (safety extra low voltage) lights stay cool enough to touch even after being on for long periods of time. The low running heat also adds years to the festoon string itself as the hot temperatures that eventually break down the material  are not present.
Shatterproof light globes - The light globes we supply with the string lights have a PVC plastic cover. They can be dropped or even stepped on and will still be intact and ready for use.

Festoon Lighting Specifications:

Black and white cord available
0.5m or 1m spacing between globes available
24V low voltage system
IP44 rated for outdoor use
Frosted or clear warm white shatterproof LED globes
LED globes have 30,000 hour life span


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