Festoon Lights Annandale

Festoon and fairy lighting are two great ways to lift both atmosphere and mood of a space. Festoon Lighting Sydney gives you, the people of Annandale, the opportunity to do so through our event hire and permanent installation of decorative lighting structures. Our team prides itself on its creativity and passion, bringing the most eye catching and warm features to you!

We specialise in providing weddings, parties, corporate and all other events with festoon and fairy lighting. We offer a full hire service, where our team comes to you and installs the gear, then comes back when the celebration is over to pack it all up, as well as a dry hire option where you can grab the lighting from us and install it yourself, if your in the DIY mood.

Want to jazz up your home or business permanently with festoon lighting? Work with our qualified and experienced electricians who have worked on a number of backyards, bars, pubs and cafes to get the job done both professionally and safely.

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